Tracking Discoursal Shift in News Media Representation of Economic Inequality: Developing and Applying Corpus Linguistic and Critical Discourse Analysis Methods

Horizon 2020-MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE ACTIONS-grant reference 705247

DINEQ is a EU two-year funded project (2016-2018) that explores changes in the representation of economic inequality in some British newspapers in 1970s and 2011. What is especial in this project is that it joins together:

  • the sociopolitical context in Britain,
  • a comparative analysis of selected public discourses
  • and a semantic/grammatical/lexical study of media representation of wealth inequality in these years.

The methodology we use in DINEQ is mainly Corpus Linguistics, but we take Critical Discourse Analysis as the theory of discourse to rely on. We aim to demonstrate that a study of this kind can demonstrate that the press has changed how it represents economic inequality through time in such a dispersed and gradual way that is imperceptible to the ordinary reader.

DINEQ is based at the University of Birmingham and will run from September 2016 to August 2018.