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1 new DINEQ article

The following DINEQ-related article by Michael Toolan has just been published in Discourse & Society: Toolan, Michael. 2016. “Peter Black, Christopher Stevens, class and inequality in the Daily Mail”. Discourse & Society. 27 (6): 642-660.   Abstract: This article is part of … Continue reading

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Vocabulary change and desensitization

Here we leave you with the letters in Saturday’s Guardian, dealing with exploitation and lies in the new world of work. See especially John Holroyd’s excellent letter about vocabulary change desensitizing us to what new conditions mean. Especially for those who … Continue reading

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Welcome to DINEQ!

Hello everybody and thank you for visiting this site. We would like to use this place to share the activities conducted throughout the duration of the project (Sept. 2016 to Aug. 2018) and to provide you with some useful information we may … Continue reading

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