Is US an example to follow?


When discussing with friends and colleagues about different stuff, one of the ideas that somehow frequently come to our conversations is that US seems to have been creating a path we are, one way or another, trying to follow. Competitive universities is just one of the examples, but so it is Black Friday, the “American” dream or the idea that some social services are not economically sustainable. I am sure you can think of many more.

In December 2017, El País (Spanish national newspaper) posted an article on the map of inequality in the US, which I link here for you to read if you can read Spanish. If not, I am sorry about this, but simply felt I need to share this with you!

And here my question: do you think the US is a good example to follow, particularly relating economic policies? In what way do you think these may affect economic inequality, either positively or negatively?

Good read and thanks for sharing!


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