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Would equality really work? Do human crowds act intelligently?

Wolfgang Teubert, Emeritus Professor in the English Language and Applied Linguistics department at the University of Birmingham, has kindly sent us part of his reflections on economic (in)equality in society. In the text (click the link below), he discusses on … Continue reading

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DINEQ goes to Nottingham!

Today, 19th February, Eva Gomez-Jimenez will be presenting DINEQ and some of its results at the University of Nottingham, in the Stylistics and Discourse Analysis Reading Group. She will particularly explain how maternity leave regulations may drive towards greater economic … Continue reading

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On the benefits of economic equality

One of the arguments surrounding wealth inequality and the possibility to develop policies aimed at solve this problem is that an equal society is a dangerous idea. The following article, published in July 2017 by The Internationalist, explores some of the benefits that … Continue reading

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