On the benefits of economic equality

One of the arguments surrounding wealth inequality and the possibility to develop policies aimed at solve this problem is that an equal society is a dangerous idea. The following article, published in July 2017 by The Internationalist, explores some of the benefits that greater economic equality may have for societies.

So6a00d8341cca9453ef0120a77944fe970bme of these, just to get warmed up, imply people being happier and healthier and societies enjoying less crime, more creativity and more productivity, among many others. More importantly, it highlights that such benefits are based on real evidence on what happens to those societies that fight for higher economic equality, and that such equality is NOT the preserve of any political parties. If you want to know a bit more about the topic, just click on the link below. Don´t forget to share your comments!


The Internationalist – The equality effect 


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