Food for thought: a TED talk by Richard Wilkinson on the harming of economic inequalities in societies

Have you ever wondered why we should try to reduce wealth inequalities in societies? Here I leave you with a very thought provoking talk by Richard G. Wilkinson, emeritus Professor of social epidemiology at the University of Nottingham, where he shows us some of the consequences that economic inequalities have in societies:

How economic inequality harms societies

By using data from the United Nations and UNICEF, he arguments that the well-being of our societies does not depend on national income and economic growth (unless we live in a poor country), but on the differences that exist between us within societies. The most important question he raises is, for me, what happens if we widen the differences or compress them? What if we make the income differences bigger or smaller? The answer, as you have heard, is that the more unequal a country is, the worse it is doing on social problems that make a society healthier, such as life expectancy, infant mortality, mental illness or the levels of trust.

If you have enjoyed watching Wilkinson’s talk, you may also read two of his most influential books: The impact of inequality and The spirit level (written together with Kate Picket), which very well summarize Wilkinson’s research on (in)equality over the last decades.

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