About us

Professor Michael Toolan (Principal Researcher)

Michaemichael-photographl Toolan is Professor of English Language at the University of Birmingham, teaching a range of linguistic and literary linguistic modules (Phonetics, Grammar, Language and the Law, Stylistics, and Narrative Analysis), besides supervising a number of doctoral students.  He has been editor of the Journal of Literary Semantics since 2002, and for 2016-2018 inclusive he is chair of the Poetics and Linguistics Association (pala.ac.uk).  His main research interest at present is a historicized Critical Discourse Analytic study, using some corpus linguistic resources, of media representations of wealth inequality in Britain since the 1970s.  A recently-published article on the topic is “Peter Black, Christopher Stevens, class and inequality in the Daily Mail” (Discourse & Society, 27:6, 2016, 642-660), and a monograph provisionally entitled The Language of Inequality in the News is scheduled to appear in late 2017 from Cambridge University Press.

Dr. Eva Maria Gomez-Jimenez (Research Fellow)

foto-carneEva Gomez-Jimenez has been awarded a postdoctoral Marie Curie Fellowship by the European Commission. In 2013, she got her PhD in English Language and Linguistics (Distinction with honours) at the University of Granada (Spain), with a dissertation on the graphological features in E. E. Cummings’ experimental poetry. She has taught English Grammar and English for Specific Purposes at the Universities of Granada and Jaen (Spain). Her research interests include Stylistics, (Critical) Discourse Analysis and Graphology.

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