Friday, 15th June 2018

University of Birmingham, Muirhead Tower room 121

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INEQUALITY DISCOURSES IN THE MEDIA is a one-day symposium where discussion will be held around the discursive representation of different forms of exclusion, inequality or discrimination in the British media (print, TV, radio or online). Contributions to this symposium use a range of disciplines and methods, including critical discourse analysis, critical stylistics, corpus linguistics corpus-assisted discourse studies and blends of these and other approaches.

The symposium is organized as part of our DINEQ project and is fully funded by the European Commission (Horizon 2020).

We are happy to announce that our speakers will be:

  • Lynsey Hanley (Liverpool John Moores University). Regular contributor to the Guardian and the Financial Times.
  • Joe Bennett (University of Birmingham)
  • Matt Davies (University of Chester)
  • Lesley Jeffries and Brian Walker (Univesity oh Huddersfield)
  • Mark McGlashan (Birmingham City University)
  • Jane Mulderrig (University of Sheffield)
  • Ilse Ras (Leeds University)
  • Wolfgang Teubert (University of Birmingham)
  • Alessia Tranchese (University of Portsmouth)

Registration is free for PGs, PGRs and UoB staff. Please, register online here.

See full, detailed programme here.

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